Monday, March 23, 2015

Pt. 25

Last weekend was a goof ol' fashioned PDX street photography weekend for me and my lady. We drove over Friday night and got there just in time for a showing of the new Vivian Maier movie, which was great. The next two days were spent walking around the city and making photos. We started out on the street car, which I had never been on.

A little later in the evening we took the light rail to the Rose Quarter to check out the scene prior to the Blazers playoff game.

After the crowds disappeared into the arena we hopped back on the light rail, where we noticed a large number of high schoolers in prom clothes. We found out that there were multiple proms taking place near the waterfront.

The next day we returned to the waterfront on a warm weather day and ended up back downtown before calling it a weekend.

Going into the weekend I had spent some time obsessing over Japanese street shooter Daido Moriyama and was intrigued at how he makes excellent photos using a point and shoot camera. The good people at Hollywood Camera in PDX gave me an old P&S — a Canon AF35 from 1983 — for free. So I bought a cheap roll of film to see if it worked, and I was pleasantly surprised.


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